Scribe Version 1.5 (Web GL)

Bug fixes

Linked data under Measurement type not updating when Measurement type name changed

Object fix - Kolton and Jensen are not loading

User settings aren't being saved when closing the application

Unhide wall icon is not working on first click

Auto unlocking opposite wall side when creating T-junction

Incorrect shading of column UA

Column Unusable Area not directing to nearest walls

Hitting certain keys (like full stop or comma) on the on screen keyboard closes it

Bay Ceiling objects not updating on low view angle

Doors and windows on diagonal walls (straight or curved) move off the wall


Split room display in area calculation mode

Column Unusable Area Element

Addition of dimensions between columns

Void visiblity in Preview Mode

Better curved walls display on merge

Garage floating buttons are too far away

Save button updated to match styleguide

New objects added