What is Scribe?

For property professionals, who want to increase the accuracy and efficiency of inspections or want to enhance the marketing of a property, Scribe is an easy to learn and fast to use 3D Floorplanning application.

Built on a gaming platform, Scribe provides an interactive way to draw a property and then share it with people to explore and edit, online, immersively, in 3D.





What are the benefits?

Scribe changes the way floorplans are drawn and used. By sharing a URL, anyone can access the floorplan, and then inspect the property in 3D. Whilst exploring a property in 3D, you can change the style of the interior of the property. The floorplan has become far more than just a static image. There are many benefits and you can see a few of them below.





Sketch reality with Scribe

Easy to Learn

Efficiently create a property model in minutes. Training videos and FAQ at hand to guide users when needed.

Real-time 3D Editing

View your floor plans as 3D models with just one click. Edit and place furniture and redecorate walls to create your dream property.

Low Cost

Only pay when you want to share your sketch and 3D model. Sign up today to get a free trial and share plans on the web without cost!


Allow people to explore properties from different devices, anywhere via web. Android, iOS, Windows/UWP applications coming soon. 

Share your Property

Your floor plan can be used for marketing material or allow access for people to explore it online. Configure how your floor plan looks when it is exported or shared.

Virtual Reality

Inspect properties using virtual reality. Invite others into the property to walk through with you with multiplayer mode.