Scribe Version 1.3 (Web GL)

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Sketch Mode

Support for sketching in decimal feet

Drag and drop function for quickly changing wall angles and length

Hide wall feature for displaying multi-functional rooms

Hide ceilings and floors feature for creating voids

Editable floor height for creating split level buildings

Preview Mode

Ability to edit, resize room names and dimensions

Improved display for area and disclaimer text

Support for logos and watermarks for use in preview and export

Room colour options

Improved image export quality

3D/Aerial mode

Ability to add and resize columns

Ability to copy and paste objects

User Settings

Add a custom room name list for use accross all plans 

Add a custom storey name list for use accross all plans 

Add your own brand logo and watermark for use in exported plans

Advanced Area calculation module

Advanced Area Calculation options suitable for valuers and other professionals that need to calculate areas accurately and quickly.