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Sketch data collection

Easily configurable data collection that can be set up for room data, area data and site data and then exported in different formats


Advanced surveyor module

Easily split areas of a property into sections and calculate areas accurately to code of measuring practice guidelines, including unusable space exclusion tools


360 Images

Integration with 360 degree photos to allow inspection of the current condition of a property as well as virtual reality editing in your own style


Windows, Android & iOS

No matter what device you are using, we have an application tha can be used. Use Scribe anywhere and at anytime


Imperial Measurements

Switch modes to enable measureing and calculating areas in imperial measurements. Esily convert from a metric drawing to an imperial drawing and vice versa.


July 2019

Scribe Beta Launch!

Releasing the first publicly available version of Scribe. Easy to lear and fast to use 3D floorplanning application.


June 2019

Locked Measurements

Introducing the ability to 'lock' measurements that you have confirmed are correct, meaning you can be assured that your floorplan sketch is always accurate.


Introducing Scribe

Product naming and branding launch: Scribe - Sketch Reality.


April 2019

Integration with Leica D510

For ultimate efficiency and accuracy, input measurements via Bluetooth while measuring properties on site


Online Sharing

Share the URL of the 3D floorplan you are working on so that anyone else can view it in a web browser, inspect it and then start making changes to the property


February 2019

New portal website design

A revamp to our portal website to ensure a fresh look, seamless responsive experience and inclusion of FAQ and tutorial pages


January 2019

Launch of Alpha Sketcher!

The easiest and quickest way to create, edit and explore properties virtually on the web


Multiple file export types

Export data, 2d and 3d assets to a number of different file types to ensure the final product can be viewed on any platform or included in any marketing material


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Scribe Pricing

The use of Scribe is FREE. This includes web and use of our Windows, Android, and iOS apps. Anyone can create, save and edit a property sketch without paying a penny! These sketches will always be accessible from your user profile. If you wish to distribute any assets of your sketch or share your property sketch online, the pricing below will apply. Lucky for you, while we are still in BETA, sharing and distribution of sketches is free.
2 Credits
per Export
  • Export as JPG
  • Create Shareable Links
  • 3D VR Walkthrough
5 Credits
per Property
  • Export as JPG or PDF
  • Share via URL
  • 3D VR Walkthrough
  • Export as JPG or PDF
  • Share via URL
  • 3D VR Walkthrough